Watch this awesomeness video of Joe Biden quoting from the 'Book of Psalms' or in his case from the lesser-known 'BOOK OF PALMS'

While the liberal left has been describing the media anointed ‘President-elect’ Joe Biden as the great healer, one thing is for sure, hearing Joe Biden quoting from the ‘Book of PALMS,’ Ronald Reagan can rest easy knowing Clueless Joe will never steal the nickname of “The Great Communicator” from our beloved Gipper.

Speaking before a Thanksgiving-themed backdrop, Joe Biden showed he’s all-in on the left’s hysterical ‘great healer’ idiocy.

Delving deep to bring out his most fictitious, condescending healing tone, the Human Gaffe Machine, attempted to quote some scripture

And, of course, things went downhill from there.

Quoting from the well known Book of Psalms, or in Biden’s case, quoting from the lesser-known ‘Book of Palms’.

Joe Biden, as usual, started stumbling and bumbling spasmodically as he toiled to read what his handlers had typed out on his teleprompter.

Joe Biden Quoting From The ‘Book of PALMS’

But this internet video meme captured Joe Biden doing his ‘Rosey palms and her five sisters’ bestest!