Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger conducted a news conference to announce that they have opened an investigation into Liberal Progressive Democrat groups who are attempting to illegally sign up out of state college students as new residents voters in advance of the January 5th Senate runoff elections.

Raffensperger, a Republican, said his office was examining registration efforts by ultra-liberal progressive groups America Votes, Vote Forward, and the New Georgia Project.

Raffensperger said these groups had been encouraging people who lived outside Georgia to register to vote in the state.

“These third-party groups have a responsibility to not encourage illegal voting. If they do so, they will be held responsible,”

The state is the site of a pair of Jan. 5 runoffs for U.S. Senate seats that will determine which party controls the upper chamber of Congress for the next two years and with it the ability to advance or block Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s legislative agenda.

Raffensperger said his office also had several investigations open into accusations of wrongdoing in the U.S. presidential election.

Raffensperger stated that the progressive group America Votes has sent absentee ballot applications to people at addresses where they haven’t lived in more than 25 years.

He also pointed to progressive groups Vote Forward who tried to register a dead Alabama woman to vote in Georgia and the New Georgia Project sent voter registration applications to New York City, he said.